20 years later, Channel 9 remembers 9/11

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Channel 9 is reflecting on 9/11, a day that rocked our country to its core 20 years ago.

We’re taking a look at how WSOC-TV covered the tragedy back in 2001 and what has changed since. At the time, Charlotte had concerns about an attack happening here. What changes were made to prepare for an event like 9/11? And how many of those changes are still with us two decades later?

Channel 9 also spoke with Ground Zero first responders who now live in the Charlotte area, as well as some who witnessed the attacks.

>> Channel 9 is remembering the heroes and looking back on the events of that day 20 years ago that will never be forgotten. You can watch our stories on the WSOC NOW app on your Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV, or click on the links below.

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