4 arrested in 2008 murder case in Long View

LONG VIEW, N.C. — More than a decade ago, 26-year-old Eddie Greene was robbed, shot, and killed inside his work van along 1st Avenue Southwest.

For years, the family of Greene came to Long View to put up reward posters asking for any information about the unsolved murder for years. Just this week, four men have been indicted in connection with his murder.

Pierre Ramseur didn’t answer any questions while being booked on Thursday and joining three others who have been charged with robbing and murdering Greene.

Family members say Greene owned a masonry business and paid his workers earlier that. They believe he may have had more cash on him when he was shot and killed.

Greene’s mother, Wilman Yount, spoke to Channel 9 briefly after the murder in 2008, and on each anniversary for years to come.

“I’ll never give up, I’ll never give up until the day I die if it takes that long. I’ll find this person one way or another,” Yount said.

Now, 15 years later, the family is a step closer to justice.

Messages from the families

With her daughter at her side, Wilma Yount spoke on Friday about her son’s murder and the years of not knowing who was responsible or why it happened.

“These people don’t know what they’ve done to us. Done to my family... done to my other son,” Wilma said through tears, holding a photo of her son.

Her daughter echoed the sentiment.

“Family gatherings are no longer the same. We keep expecting that smiling face to come through the door that never comes in,” she said.

Friday morning, both Ramseur and Propst went before a judge charged with robbing and murdering Greene.

Propst, who was just 18-years-old back in 2008, mouthed the words “I love you” to his wife and three children who were in the courtroom today.

“He’s a great man, a hardworking father. This must have all been a misunderstanding,” his wife Lynn Propst said. “He’s innocent.”

But Wilma doesn’t believe it.

“Eddie will always be missed and I hope and pray these people get what’s coming to them,” she said Friday.

The other arrested suspects

Police arrested Probst in Catawba County, Federal Marshals found Emadalae Tolbert in Detroit, Michigan, and Anthony Tucker was already in jail on a federal charge in Virginia.

“Investigators present and past have worked tirelessly on this case. Eddie’s family, the Long View Community, everyone has waited for answers and today we feel like we’re one step closer to justice for Eddie,” Long View Police Chief, TJ Bates said.

While Greene’s family doesn’t have all of the answers yet, they are grateful that the police never stopped looking. Yount even spread the news to Facebook, posting a quote on Greene’s Facebook on Thursday afternoon.

“Thank you for all the time and effort Long View Police Department for the arrests in my son’s murder,” Yount said.

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