Family Focus: 4 locals make finals in DNC poster contest

CHARLOTTE, N.C.,None — Twelve artists have made it to the finals of the Democratic National Convention poster contest.

Four of the finalists are from Charlotte.

The DNC asked artists to submit a design that best displayed their vision for the convention.

The winner will get to sell their poster during the months leading up to the convention in September, and will receive $1 for every piece sold.

Channel 9 met with the local finalists at Graphix printing company in Charlotte to see their work up close. Their designs were created and submitted electronically so it was the first time the artists got to see them in print.

Steve Ward, a design teacher at York Technical College, explained his specific vision.

"I titled it 'Urban Unity,' so the coming together, so I really wanted to play on that, and have different elements, the colors, the contrast, everything coming together as a cohesive unit," Ward said.

Anna Smith's focus was primarily on Charlotte's skyline.

"And then of course, the Carolina blue skies are something I brought into the design as well," she said.

Greg Schauble, a professor at Winthrop University, said his piece was a take on a blueprint idea.

"It would be a blueprint for the future, and so I really wanted to choose kind of traditional blueprint, you know, the medium," he said.

India Simpson is a freelance artist whose message stood out.

"I felt like Americans coming together to build a better future was definitely most important, so I wanted to put emphasis on that," said Simpson.

There were more than 26,000 votes for the DNC backed contest. Hundreds of artists from across the world submitted entries.

For these Charlotte finalists, their hope is to win top pick.

To look at all 12 finalists' designs,  click here.

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