9 Investigates: Could new drug help treat Alzheimer’s disease from home?

CHARLOTTE — An Alzheimer’s diagnosis can seem hopeless -- and it’s an issue close to the heart for a Charlotte radio host who lost her mother to the disease.

“I was not prepared for her to forget me,” Ramona Holloway, from the Matt and Ramona Show, told Channel 9.

Treatment options have been limited but a new drug being tested could help thousands treat the disease at home.

Dr. Mohammad Bolouri is one of the doctors at the Alzheimer’s Memory Center in Matthews researching a new therapy to treat mild to moderate Alzheimer’s.

“One of the main issues with Alzheimer’s disease is that the neurons lose ability to communicate with each other,” Bolouri said. “This compound actually increases that communication ability, provides new connections between brain cells so they can function better.”

Bolouri said the drug simultaneously stops degeneration in the brain, halting the progress of the disease, while boosting the regeneration of cells by increasing blood flow.

“It’s an injection under the skin, just like insulin,” Bolouri said.

Holloway said knowing research like this exists is great news.

“Every study for the families with dementia can mean more time,” Holloway said. “More time, more healthy time... who wouldn’t want that for their loved one?”

>> In the video at the top of the page, Channel 9 anchor Erica Bryant investigates the local trial giving patients hope, and how you can get involved.

(WATCH BELOW: Groundbreaking research in Charlotte could help slow down impacts of Alzheimer’s)

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