9 Investigates: The dangers of patient brokering and what’s being done to stop it

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — People that are struggling with drug addiction are being lured to shady treatment centers where they don’t get the help they need to stay clean.

It’s called patient brokering and it’s a serious problem happening in North Carolina as well as other states. In fact, lawmakers in North Carolina are advancing a bill to make addiction treatment patient brokering a felony.

“We want to make it a clear legal violation that if you engage in patient brokering, if you pay people to bring people to your facility, that is a felony,” said North Carolina attorney general Josh Stein.

Channel 9 anchor Allison Latos talked to a Charlotte mother whose daughter was a victim of patient brokering. She said a facility in Florida collected insurance reimbursements for treating her daughter, but it did not help her get clean.

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