9 Investigates: Violence against officers escalates at Lanesboro

POLKTON, N.C. — 9 investigates learned inmates at Lanesboro Correctional Institution in Polkton have assaulted nine correctional officers and sergeants just within the last week.

“They don’t have enough security in the prison,” said Mary Crump. She doesn’t live far from the high security prison and thinks there should be more correction officers.

North Carolina’s Department of Public Safety confirmed the nine assaults saying most resulted in minor or no injury but twice, inmates threw urine and feces on officers.

“That’s just nasty,” said James Farris, who also lives near the prison.

Officials said inmate Marvin Breeden Jr., who is in prison for first-degree rape, took a homemade metal weapon and slashed an officer in the head several times on Saturday. The officer was airlifted to the hospital and has been released.

Polkton police said he will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

“I wouldn’t want to work there,” Crump said.

After that violent assault this weekend, one of the prison's four units was locked down for about 30 hours while police investigated.
Channel 9 has been reporting on Lanesboro Correctional for years. In 2014, an inmate stabbed a prison administrator as he walked through the prison recreation yard. Also in 2014, federal and state agents came to the prison at the request of the department in a show of force and to investigate. Officials said they believed inmates were using smuggled cellphones to plan attacks from inside.

Federal investigators also looked into whether a different former supervisor may have helped hide inmates’ homemade weapons.

A spokesperson with the Department of Public Safety sent Channel 9 a statement: “As with any incident, all policies and procedures will be reviewed to include staffing and adjustments will be made as deemed necessary. Additional staff has been added and will remain on site until determined they are no longer necessary.”

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