ACC, FSU attorneys face-off in Mecklenburg Co. court; judge holds back on ruling

CHARLOTTE — After meeting in court on Friday, the Atlantic Coast Conference and Florida State University don’t have a ruling.

FSU has been searching for a way out of a media agreement, and the final say from a judge could change what lies ahead for the ACC.

But the school’s search for answers abruptly stopped after a Mecklenburg County judge said he needed more time before making a decision.

Attorneys representing the ACC faced off against FSU’s counsel, both arguing that the other was out of bounds. The member school is working to have the case dismissed, claiming the ACC pushed them to sue first, as a way to stop the school from leaving the conference.

FSU’s current contract binds the school to the conference for 12 years; breaking that contract could result in expensive fines.

“The ACC raced to the courthouse to file a pre-emptive, pre-mature lawsuit,” FSU’s attorneys argued.

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