• Action 9: Contractor waits for payment after installing roof

    By: Don Griffin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A local contractor said he had to wait months after he finished a job to get his money.

    The bank received the insurance check and wanted a signed waiver before they'd hand it over.

    J.P. Rusk owns Paragon Roofing Company.

    Two months ago, he installed a roof, siding and gutters on a house for more than $13,000.

    The only problem is he can't get paid.

    The homeowner's insurance made the check out to the homeowner and Bank of America, the mortgage lender.

    Rusk said the bank has been holding up the funds.

    “Every time I call, I get a different excuse," Rusk said.

    Rusk said BoA wants him to sign a waiver of lien that then has to be approved by the foreclosure department.

    He’s afraid if he gives up his right to sue and the house goes into foreclosure, the bank will keep the money. 

    Rusk said its already caused a hardship running his small business.

    “I have a loan with Bank of America myself, and I didn't pay them last month. And you know what, I’m not paying ‘em, if they're not paying me," he said.

    Action 9 got in touch with Bank of America. A representative said it is a standard procedure in an insurance payment for the contractor to sign a waiver of lien.

    They assured Action 9 that Rusk would receive his money, so he returned the form.

     That's when the bank sent him a $13, 206 check. Now Rusk said he can pay his bills and his workers.

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    Action 9: Contractor waits for payment after installing roof