Action 9: FTC, phone apps work to combat unwanted robocalls

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Even with the technology to block robocalls, Americans are still receiving unwanted calls. The Federal Trade Commission reports it receives 200,000 robocall complaints each month. Action 9 investigator Jason Stoogenke looked into how the FTC is helping to combat unwanted robocalls.

Stoogenke found the FTC is prosecuting robocalls and reports it has collected $120 million in penalties. The FTC created the “Do Not Call” Registry in 2003, but tech experts recently called in "ineffective." The FTC reports it is working on technology to block unwanted calls.

But, in order to fight robocalls, the FTC requires help. The agency depends on consumers to report robocalls.

“The best thing to do is hang up, don’t listen to their pitch, and you can go to to file a complaint,” William Maxson, from the FTC, said.

This month, Action 9 tested an app that promises to get rid of robocalls. The app is called RoboKiller. It analyzes the voice of calls you do not want, identifies all the numbers tied to that same voice, and blocks them all. One person tested it for our sister station for a week and did not receive any robocalls.