Action 9 helps AT&T customer get $1,000 promotion promised

YORK, S.C. — Kirk Adams of York, South Carolina, says AT&T offered him $1,000 in gift cards if he switched carriers for his family’s four phone lines.

It was a deal he couldn’t pass up, so he took the company up on the offer.

“I’m always about a better price,” he told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke.

Adams said he got the runaround from the company for months and before he knew it, he’d been waiting more than a year.

“I had pretty much about given up on it,” he said.

He emailed Action 9 about his situation and Stoogenke contacted AT&T.

The company didn’t respond to Action 9, but a few days later Adams got a phone call from a senior manager who acknowledged his compliant and said he’d “look into it.”

According to Adams, it took more than a month for the manager to contact him again.

The manager told him he couldn’t give him the gift cards, but he could credit his account with $1,000.

Adams said, “that’s the same thing. That works for me!”

“If y’all hadn’t stepped in, I don’t think I’d seen a thing because it had been over a year before AT&T even contacted me back,” he told Stoogenke.

Stoogenke suggests customers try to get any promotion in writing and if possible, make sure it includes a timeframe for when the company will follow through.