Action 9: Roofing company helps out after other company backs out

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A local woman said a roof company took $13,000 in insurance money to fix her roof last month, but never did the job. After that story aired, another local company stepped in to help.

Virginia Franco had been waiting five months for a new roof. She regrets handing her contractor an insurance check for close to $13,000.

"They took the money and never did the work," said Franco.

She filed fraud charges against Mino Construction claiming they added their name to her check and cashed it. The Better Business Bureau said seven homeowners have complained about Mino, which has an F rating.

Action 9 went looking for the owner and found he had shut down the office, but after seeing Action 9's original story, another roofing company wanted to help.

Carolina Roof Consultants installed a new roof for the Francos free of charge.

Franco's husband Tony said they are grateful to the company.

"We are also to you guys. The coverage that you guys did, they never would have seen it and never would have reached out to us," he said.

Carolina Roof Consultants owner Mike McCoy has a warning so that others do not get taken.

"Do not give money up front. Wait until the materials are in the driveway or the work is done to give that first bit of money," he said.

Also check out contractors with the BBB.

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