• Action 9: Teenager struggles to receive replacement gift card

    By: Don Griffin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A local teenager received a gift card as a present for her high school graduation, but when she lost it she had a difficult time getting the replacement card the company promised.

    Shannon Thomas is proud to show off her daughter Laysha's high school diploma and graduation picture.

    "This is the small picture that I have of her," said Thomas.

    Thomas said one of the graduation presents Laysha received was a $100 American Express gift card that got misplaced.

    "My daughter called to cancel the card and American Express told her that she would receive another one in the mail in two weeks," said Thomas.

    The replacement card never came, so Thomas said she called American Express and then faxed them a copy of the purchase receipt.

    Thomas took notes on who she talked to and was told the card would be sent in 10 days, but it still never arrived.

    "I am very disappointed, especially with American Express because we are an American Express cardholder ourselves," said Thomas.

    Action 9 got in touch with American Express and a spokesperson said their gift cards are safer than cash and can be replaced if lost.

    The spokesperson recommended customers write down their card number somewhere safe and save the receipt.

    After Action 9's contact with American Express, they sent Thomas' daughter a new card.

    Laysha was happy to receive her new $100 gift card and will not misplace it this time.

    "I am very excited; now I am going to go Christmas shopping, get a little something done and have extra money in my pocket," said Laysha.

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