Action 9 uncovers three easy ways you can get a free payout

CHARLOTTE — Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke is always looking for free money for you, big bucks you may not know about or remember you had. He has three easy ways you may be able to cash in right now from home.

1: Unused Gift Cards

A new study from Bankrate.com found almost half of adults have at least one they haven’t used, and the average amount per person is almost $200.

“That’s real money,” Bankrate.com’s Ted Rossman said.

Even if you don’t like the store, use it when you need to buy someone a gift instead of spending your own money. “Check your wallet, your purse, your junk drawer, your glove compartment, wherever these things might be hiding. A good homework assignment is to put them to use,” Rossman said.

2: Unclaimed Cash

A lot of times, the state ends up with money that’s yours and holds it until you request it. Check every state you’ve lived in. Stoogenke has told consumers about this before.

To check in North Carolina, click here.

To check in South Carolina, click here.

3: Credit Card Rewards

Stoogenke says he even did this recently. He couldn’t remember the last time he cashed in his credit card points so he checked. He had tens of thousands built up and applied them all totaling about $3,000.

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