• Action 9: woman can't believe sink hole that formed in her backyard

    By: Don Griffin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A homeowner cannot believe that a big hole opened up in her backyard underneath her fence.

    She said she is nervous to even let her children play in the back yard.

    Stephanie Palmer took Action 9 into her backyard, to show the erosion that was washing away the dirt that was holding up her fence.

    "This is the hole that is starting to form as it rains," said Palmer.

    The other corner of the fence has a hole just as big.

    "This is another sink hole," said Palmer.

    Palmer's house was built 8 feet from the edge of a steep hill and she is worried the erosion could affect more than her fence.

    "My yard is sloped, I am afraid of the foundation for my house," said Palmer.

    Palmer has complained to her builder, Garver Homes, which sent someone to look at the holes, but she said the company would not commit to do anything.

    "I am waiting to hear their response again," said Palmer.

    Action 9 called the builder, and he said he was having trouble finding the money to make the repairs, but promised he would take care of it.

    Action 9 watched as workers dug trenches and installed drains to carry run off to the bottom of the hill.
    "I like this," said Palmer.

    Palmer is happy with the work and said her children can now play in their backyard safely.

    "I don't have to fear that they are going to fall into a hole or that my house is going to slide whenever it rains. I am very happy," said Palmer.

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    Action 9: woman can't believe sink hole that formed in her backyard