After cancer diagnosis, developer had 1 goal: Making his daughter’s graduation

CHARLOTTE — When developer Boris Bunich started having trouble climbing the stairs, his wife told him it was time to see a doctor.

“I just kind of started noticing that I’d get a little bit out of breath. And I’d have to kind of stop and rest when I’d climb seven or eight stories, and then it was four or five stories, and then it was like, two or three stories,” Bunich said.

His X-ray raised a red flag so Bunich got additional testing done. Then a few weeks later, he got the call.

“The pulmonologist called and said, ‘You have a very rare cancer called thymoma,’” Bunich said.

>> In the video at the top of the page, the Political Beat’s Joe Bruno talks with Bunich about the treatment he went through and the moments he’s thankful to have experienced after his diagnosis.

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