Ahead of more afternoon storms, tips to stay safe when lightning strikes

CHARLOTTE — With severe storms in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday, Meteorologist Ashley Kramlich offered some little-known lightning safety tips when bad weather strikes.

First, while most people head indoors when a storm hits, you can still get hurt by lightning indoors.

In fact, more than a third of lightning injuries occur inside.

You may want to get a glimpse of the storm, but standing near a window in an older home is one of the worst places to be when lightning strikes.

The lightning could shatter the glass window or even strike the metal compartments of the window.

You’ll also want to avoid electrical equipment and cords. If lightning strikes, it can travel through the electrical wire.

Plumbing should also be avoided in thunderstorms, including washing your hands, running the sink or showering, because electrical currents can travel through plumbing and electrocute you.

(WATCH BELOW: 7 people struck by lightning at Grandfather Mountain, NWS confirms)

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