American Airlines worker tests positive for COVID-19, according to letter from sources

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Channel 9 received a letter from sources that said an American Airlines worker tested positive for COVID-19. The airline sent an email to Charlotte-based employees Thursday morning notifying them of the worker.

The letter said the worker tested positive for the virus earlier this week.

American Airlines is Charlotte’s fifth-largest private employer, with 11,000 people employed by the company just in Charlotte.

According to the letter, the company expects additional cases moving forward.

Some employees told Channel 9 they had no idea about the positive case.

They said they heard rumors, but said when they asked their supervisors, they were told it couldn’t be discussed because of HIPPA laws.

“My main concern is for the family and obviously the employees because they all work together,” said John White, an American Airlines passenger.

The email also said any other workers who were in contact with the infected employee will be notified.

American Airlines will also be deep-cleaning any areas where the worker may have been, in addition to the normal daily cleaning, according to the letter.

“I think every industry is trying to do their best job. To be honest, we can all do a little better," said White.

The worker’s identity and position have not been released.

No other details have been released at this time.

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