Apartment tenants fed up with missing fire extinguishers, other safety issues

CHARLOTTE — Frustration is growing for residents at one northwest Charlotte apartment complex.

Channel 9’s Almiya White has covered multiple issues at Scarlet Pointe Apartments, from mold and bugs to missing fire extinguishers. Less than two weeks ago, White learned the complex has been cited several times for missing extinguishers.


Now, she’s uncovered new video that reveals what may be adding to the problem. The footage shows teens breaking the glass around a fire extinguisher.

“They’re endangering us,” said Scarlet Pointe resident Keenyn Garrigan. “It may be a cute prank to them, but this could be a life-or-death situation.”

In the video, several young people break the plexiglass of a fire extinguisher box. The video cuts off, but White learned that fire extinguisher was taken. She stopped by the complex Tuesday and found a cracked box with no extinguisher.

She also came across a warning that was newly posted. It warns not to tamper with fire extinguishers.

Garrigan says the video is frustrating since the fire extinguishers were just replaced this month.

“Vandalism happens. And we have kids in the neighborhood that go through and do all kinds of damage to the place,” Garrigan said. “I would say frustration. I don’t know what can be done about it.”

White talked to the fire marshal in the past about this issue. Just this month, he said the complex is responsible for replacing missing or damaged fire extinguishers.

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Almiya White

Almiya White, wsoctv.com

Almiya White is a reporter for WSOC-TV

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