Army parachute team jumps to say ‘thank you’ to local health care workers

UNION COUNTY, N.C. — A team of U.S. Army parachutists jumped onto the Atrium Health’s Union County campus Wednesday morning to show their appreciation for health care workers.

One of the members of the Black Daggers Parachute Jump Team landed with the American flag strapped to his parachute.

Channel 9 spoke to the chief nurse at the hospital, who said the gesture, especially from men and women in the Army, means a lot.

“To be able to see the support from the U.S. Army and what they are doing for us and show how much they support the team, it’s pretty incredible,” she said. “It’s unique. We’ve not had anything like this happen, and to know that the U.S. Army that runs into battle every day is here for us doing this for us is pretty incredible for our team.”

The Black Daggers were scheduled to make another jump outside Atrium Health Pineville later Wednesday afternoon.

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