Arranged fight between Butler HS students leads to shooting, sources say

CHARLOTTE — One person was shot after a fight involving Butler High School students, sources told Channel 9.

The shooting happened Monday shortly after 4 p.m. on Northeast Parkway. Sources said the two students arranged to meet up for a fight and brought other people with them.

At some point, sources said one person on the scene pulled out a gun and shot a 19-year-old.

The shooter, who was also 19, was later arrested by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

Mildred Dumas, who lives in the neighborhood where the shooting happened, expressed her concerns about the increase in shootings.

“Things are getting worse, not just in Charlotte. Things are worse regardless of where you go. In the school system, it has to start with parents at home,” Dumas said.

She said she thinks the violence we are seeing inside and outside of our schools is because kids do not have good role models.

“They are going to act out what they see. And right now, we don’t have good examples for them to follow,” Dumas said.

Parents told Channel 9 that they weren’t even aware that the shooting had occurred.

“I’m just hearing this. I’m shocked right now. I’m scared,” one parent said.

The principal of Butler High School has announced new rules aimed at curbing fights on campus. They include suspending students who take videos of fights or suspending students who don’t leave the area once a fight breaks out.

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