Arrest warrant issued for business owner following controversy over parking lot

CHARLOTTE — A west Charlotte business owner is facing a criminal charge over a comment online, following heated exchanges in response to controversy over access to a shared parking lot.

Robbie McNair, who owns Good Life at Enderly Park, said the ownership at Noble Smoke refused to share the parking lot across the street from her venue, despite lease terms stating they both can use the lot.

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The controversy continued online when McNair claimed that the owner of Noble Smoke, Jim Noble, was taking actions that were rooted in racism.

Noble denies those claims.

Charlotte-area pastor Penny Maxwell defended Noble’s character on social media.

“So Jim Noble, who owns Rooster’s, Noble Smoke, Bossy Beulah’s and several restaurants all across Charlotte is being attacked by a woman named Robbie,” Maxwell said. “I’m going to have a bone to pick with you, and I’m not going to sit by and let that happen in my city. I’m going to have a bone to pick with you. Knock it off.”


A social media post from McNair’s account accused Maxwell of making a serious threat against her.

Then, the post read, “Do you want to have a shootout?” tagging Maxwell’s church.

McNair had a warrant out for her arrest within days after that.

“Really, I was stunned, because it’s like this doesn’t make any sense at all,” McNair said. “Like no sense at all. I’ve never even met this woman.”

A statement from Maxwell reads in part, “I will not be communicating any further since this is now a legal matter. The courts will handle it. Ms. McNair and anyone else that communicates violence should know there are consequences attached to that behavior. It’s simply unacceptable.”

McNair hasn’t denied making the comment but is saying how they got to this point.

“I’ve just been witness to all this impropriety, and I know that nothing is going to change,” McNair said. “The root of this parking. It’s not about the parking lot. It’s gentrification. This is the result of gentrification. These are the things that will happen.”

(Watch the video below: West Charlotte business owner says neighboring business threatening to tow customers from shared lot)