Atlantic storm has potential to turn into subtropical system off NC coast

The same storm that gave our area severe weather Friday is now stuck in the Atlantic.

Meteorologist John Ahrens said as long as it’s close to the warm water of the Gulf Stream, there’s potential of it becoming something larger.

Currently, the ocean temperature at Atlantic Beach is at 71 degrees. That’s not very warm to do much, so we probably won’t have much there, but it will bear watching and may become what’s known as a subtropical system -- which has at least some tropical characteristics. Ahrens said the storm likely won’t become a named tropical cyclone.

The big impacts of the storm will be some pretty strong ocean swells, especially for Wilmington beaches. There will also be a rip current risk and some high beach erosion, which is something the coast has struggled with.

Eventually, the storm will come back inland and potentially bring our area rain.

>> Severe Weather Center 9 will continue to track the storm and the potential impacts it could have on our region.

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