Authentic Chinese restaurant opens in South End

CHARLOTTE — Sun’s Kitchen owner Brian Sun is ready to get to know his customers.

He and wife Mandy Kuang have spent the past four years building that authentic Chinese concept at The City Kitch, sending out countless takeout and pick-up orders. This week, their first brick-and-mortar location opened at The Platform at 3232 South Blvd.

“We used to recognize our customers by name. Now, for the first time, we’ll be meeting in person,” Sun says.

Sun and Kuang want to showcase traditional, homestyle Chinese food — the type of food they enjoy with their families. She grew up in a restaurant family. He is a self-described foodie that found inspiration on a trip to China, leading to the addition of street food into the menu offerings.

Read more about the venture and check out photos of the space on CBJ’s website here.

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