• Officers: Home of accused Satanist, murderer covered in filth

    By: Catherine Bilkey


    CLEMMONS - Channel 9 obtained video shot inside the home of an accused Satan worshipper and murderer. Pazuzu Algarad is accused in the murder of a father with ties to Salisbury -- Joshua Wetzler.

    The video shows filthy conditions, with walls covered in satanic drawings, floors covered in feces and trash everywhere. The home is now condemned. A code enforcement officer in Clemmons took the video.

    IMAGES: Inside the home

    VIDEO: Inside the home

    "It's important that we pick up on these things and don't overlook them," Stacey Carter, ex-girlfriend of Wetzler, said Wednesday.

    "Sometimes the conditions of someone's life represents their inner state as well and their mental state of being," Carter said.

    The conditions inside the home have been declared a health hazard. A code enforcement officer said he found hundreds of flies dead and alive, as well as decayed animal parts and remains. On the property, the skeletal remains of Tommy Welch and Wetzler were found on Oct. 5.

    Carter is the mother of Wetzler's son. She still doesn't know how Algarad targeted him.

    "I miss [Joshua] terribly,” she said. “He was such a wonderful person," Carter said. "It breaks my heart, because he did not deserve this."

    Algarad and the woman he lived with, Amber Burch, are facing first-degree murder and accessory charges.

    "He was seriously disturbed," Carter said of Algarad. "And again, as difficult as it is, the community needs to somehow reach out to people like that."

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