BACK-TO-SCHOOL: Organizing your morning routine

CHARLOTTE — An organized morning routine is something many families need during the school year.

Dr. Alica Bartek with Novant Health Pediatrics Mint Hill is offering some advice to parents who may be looking for guidance.

“Routines are really important. It can help decrease a child’s anxiety,” Bartek said.

Bartek said getting a good night’s sleep is the first of many steps. She suggested powering down all electronics at least an hour before bed, as well as practicing getting your kids up early.

When waking your little ones up, make it fun by singing a song they like. For older kids, she recommends using an alarm clock if they need one, but keeping their phones out of the room.

Parents can also pack lunches and snack the night before. That effort can also extend to picking out school clothes for the week with input from your child.

“Most kids are gonna be more involved or more likely to keep a routine if they have a part in it,” Bartek explained.

Lastly, parents are urged to give themselves and their children grace while they transition.

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