BACK-TO-SCHOOL: CMS reminds drivers to keep calm as traffic ramps up in the new school year

CHARLOTTE — Back-to-school also means back-to-morning traffic as summer break comes to an end.

The traffic switch will be flipped on August 28th as more than 158,000 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools students and staff members head back to the classroom.

CMS wants to remind drivers that passing a stopped school bus is illegal and will lead to consequences, including:

  • Five points on your license
  • A fine of $200
  • Significant insurance increase

Speeding in a school zone can have the same repercussions. Generally, school zone speed limits are in effect a half-hour before the start of the school day and a half-hour after school ends.

CMS says it takes time for drivers and students alike to get acclimated to the new schedules. The “new normal” traffic pattern should settle in after Labor Day, CMS expects.

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