How to avoid donation scams during 'Giving Tuesday', holiday season

Tips to avoid donation scams during 'Giving Tuesday', holiday season

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Donations to various charities and to the less fortunate are part of the holiday spirit, whether it is through a food drive or a collection kettle.

"Giving Tuesday" falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving each year.

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Officials said charities in the United States receive one-third of their annual donations during the holiday season, starting around Thanksgiving and "Giving Tuesday."

Each year, the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance evaluates charities seeking donations and research them on their charity trustworthiness.

Action 9's Jason Stoogenke wants to help protect you from donation scams and asks that you email him at if you have any issues with a charity.

BBB officials said they encourage potential donors to use these evaluations to determine the organizations trustworthiness so that your hard-earned dollars go to charities that operate ethically.

Here are some tips from the Better Business Bureau and Action 9 to make the most of your holiday donations.


  • Watch out for name similarities
  • Check sites like Better Business Bureau, Charity Navigator and/or Guidestar
  • Research how much the charity spends on the cause compared to overhead and salaries
  • Avoid on-the-spot donation decisions from unfamiliar organizations
  • Be wary of emotional appeals
  • Avoid charities that don't disclose requested information
  • Rely on standards-based evaluations

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