Big 22 Finalist: Before becoming a star QB, Jadyn Davis was a student reporter

CHARLOTTE — Jadyn Davis, the quarterback for Providence Day School, is one of five finalists for the Big 22 Player of the Year.

Karin McKemey teaches television production at Catawba Ridge High School. Each year, she welcomes a new group of potential future television reporters.

Before he was a superstar quarterback at Providence Day, Jadyn Davis was a reporter for CRN-TV. Three years ago, Davis -- then a fresh-faced 15-year-old -- walked into McKemey’s class.

“Every once in a while, there’s a standout that you know pretty much right away,” McKemey said. “Because if your eyes gravitate towards them initially, you pretty much know that everyone else is going to gravitate towards them when you’re looking at them on camera.”

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