Gov. Cooper vetoes 2nd reopen bill, this one for NC gyms, bars

NC bar owners heading to court in hopes of forcing Cooper to let them reopen

RALEIGH, N.C. — (AP) — North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper has vetoed another attempt by Republican legislators to accelerate the speed in which North Carolina commerce is being restored through his COVID-19 executive order.

The vetoed measure would have allowed gyms and bars shuttered since March to receive patrons again.

Cooper said Friday the bill could restrict a quick response to virus outbreaks. He vetoed a similar bill earlier this month emphasizing bars.

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A Repubilcan state senator said the latest vetoed measure was a “economic lifeline for thousands of businesses.”

Cooper will announce next week whether he’ll modify his executive order to let more businesss reopen.

NC bar owners head to court to ask judge to let them reopen

North Carolina bar owners will be heading to court on Friday to ask a judge to allow all bars to reopen after places like restaurants and breweries have been able to open their doors.

Bar owners say it’s time to open every bar and that’s what they will ask for when they head to court.

The state association that represents them filed a lawsuit demanding the same treatment as restaurants, breweries and distilleries.

More than 1,000 private bars and taverns have fought to reopen ever since Gov. Roy Cooper announced they would not be included under a modified Phase 2 plan. They took another hit earlier this month when the governor vetoed a bill that would've allowed them to reopen.

The North Carolina Bar and Tavern Association says they understand the caution during a pandemic, but it has to be fair. They said their bars and taverns may be forced to close permanently if they can’t get back to business soon.

The hearing begins at 10 a.m. The court is likely to make a decision next week.

Bill to reopen NC bowling alleys, rinks head to Gov. Cooper

North Carolina legislators have sent another bill to Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper designed to overturn parts of his executive order for COVID-19 that’s kept several types of retail businesses shuttered for months.

The General Assembly finalized a measure to let bowling alleys and ice and roller rinks to reopen at a reduced capacity.

Cooper has already vetoed one measure that sought to reopen bars by letting them serve patrons outdoors.

Another bill already on his desk would benefit gyms in addition to bars.

Cooper has said he’ll announce next week whether he’ll ease further commerce limits when his current order expires June 26.

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