‘Blessing from God’: Charlotte man turns 90 years old after surviving battle with COVID-19

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — COVID-19 has affected so many in our community, and we don’t always get to see happy endings, but one man who beat the virus is celebrating that and his 90th birthday.

Robert James celebrated his birthday in west Charlotte on Saturday with a drive-thru celebration with his family.

James had COVID-19 back in October. He was in the hospital for two weeks and underwent rehabilitation for another two weeks.

Now, he’s glad to be able to celebrate his special day with friends and family.

“It’s great. It’s great. All we got is each other, you know, and you have to be careful how you treat people because you never know who you’re going to need,” James said. “So just treat people like you wish to be treated and let it roll.”

James’ family said they are blessed to have him back home and healthy. He’s getting the COVID-19 vaccine later in February.

“It’s a blessing from God, and we do not take it for granted. We’re very grateful,” said his daughter Pazara James.