Boy arrested for pretending to be police officer, conducting traffic stops

CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. — A boy in South Carolina didn’t just stop at playing cops and robbers, he outfitted a Dodge Charger with emergency lights and actually pulled people over while claiming he was a real officer, according to authorities in South Carolina.

That’s according to the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office on Monday. Deputies reported getting a call on Saturday about someone wearing black tactical gear and conducting traffic stops on Highway 161 just over the border in South Carolina.

Later, the York County Sheriff’s Office asked for help with a traffic stop near the North Carolina state line. The driver had red and blue light bars mounted inside his car, and they were still activated when he was pulled over by York County deputies.

The sheriff’s office says the boy claimed he was with the Clover Police Department or the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

According to the CCSO, the boy was identified as a juvenile, so his name won’t be released. He was taken into custody.

If you are pulled over and you suspect that the person conducting the traffic stop isn’t an officer, you can call the police department and verify the traffic stop.

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