‘We are being forced to do this’: Cabarrus County approves controversial redistricting plan

CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. — A controversial school redistricting plan in Cabarrus County was given the green light on Monday by the board of education.

More than 1,400 middle school students will have to move schools as part of the plan approved by the school board.

Some students will now have a 30-minute bus ride to a school further away, and parents are not happy about it. Because of the districts’ growth, it is adding another middle school, on Roberta Road, opening in 2022.

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For some families, that means their children will have to switch middle schools after sixth grade and go further away.

“We are being forced to do this, this is not something our family wanted to do,” said parent Liz Samonti.

Board Chair Holly Grimsley said she knows its upsetting for some families. The district is continuing to grow and Grimsley said they’re trying to prevent overcrowding at schools, while planning for continued growth of new subdivisions and apartments.

“When you are having this type of growth issue and you’re opening a new school, somebody’s got to move,” she told Channel 9. “That’s just what happens.”

Grimsley said the district has had to re-align several times over the years and now they’re hoping these moves will be more sustainable.

>> In the video at the top of this webpage, anchor Genevieve Curtis spoke with parents and board members about the decision.