Cam Newton's surprise visit to NC middle school goes viral

The story about Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton jumping a fence at a Davidson school to toss the football around with the students is getting a lot of national attention.

WSOC-TV first reported the story Saturday morning online and on Facebook.

Newton was driving by Community School of Davidson while filming for a show when he noticed a student wearing his jersey on the playground.

Mimi Siadak, a seventh-grade teacher, said Newton asked the teachers for permission and then hopped the fence to toss a football.“The students just herded all around him.

I still can’t believe he did that,” Siadak said.

“I saw one girl crying and hyperventilating and when I asked, ‘Honey what’s wrong?’ she said, ‘That was just the best moment of my life,’” Siadak said.

The story has gone viral and has been picked up by several national news and sports outlets, including Sports Illustrated, Yahoo! Sports and SB Nation.

ABC's Good Morning America aired a segment on the surprise visit Sunday morning.

Q & A with teacher Kathleen McMillan:

What are the teachers’ thoughts about this story going national/viral?

“I was so excited that others were able to see how truly special Cam is. What he did was amazing. Our students will never, ever forget this one moment in time. I couldn't believe how fast the news spread. It is really unbelievable. The power of social media is extraordinary.”​

Was this all the talk today in school?

"​The excitement was all around today. Students were still beaming about this experience. Many wore their Panthers pride! Our 'girl in the blue shirt' had been recognized around town this weekend. Many of the kids were discussing the ESPN Snapchat story showing her reaction repeated over and over."  ​

Is everyone thanking the student who wore Cam's jersey? Is he or she a big fan?

"​He is a huge fan. You will find him in class or in the hallway dabbing just because (he wants to)."

Did Cam sign any autographs?

“​He was too busy playing football and taking selfies to sign an autograph.”

Will you incorporate Cam/Panthers into any more of your lessons?

“The pictures we took make great springboards for writing prompts. I think this experience is a great way to teach the power of social media!”

Do you have any other sweet reactions or takeaways from the students that you’d like to share?

“I know some of the other kids were sad that they missed being on the playground when Cam surprised us. Upon walking into the school, some of the seventh graders were sharing the news with another teacher who was with a group of fifth grade students.

One of the fifth grade boys replied, ‘I am so happy that you were able to have that experience.’ That shows the true essence of our school! He was not sad that he didn't get to see Cam but happy for those who did!

“Right after Cam's visit, many of the students asked us, ‘How did you plan that? Who was in charge?’

They could not believe that Cam chose that very moment to come to our school and throw the football with them. He gave them the ultimate gift. Those memories will resonate with the students for their lifetime.”

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