Camp North End hosts festival highlighting women-owned businesses

CHARLOTTE — The celebration of Women’s History Month continued at Camp North End on Saturday.

The ‘No Man’s Land’ festival gave new meaning to ‘Girls Day Out’.

Families showed up to support more than 100 female-owned businesses.

Experts led discussions covering topics important to women, like motherhood, making female friends, and the progress of working women in America.

Corrine Schuberth organized Saturday’s event and shared her thoughts on how far female-owned have come in just the past few decades.

“When you think back in history, women didn’t have the opportunity to have a credit card until the 70s. That wasn’t that long ago,” Schuberth said, “To be here today, this is just a small drop in the bucket of all the women-owned businesses in the U.S. now.”

For decades, Camp North End had mostly male leaders.

Now, more than half of the businesses there are owned and operated by women.

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