Carolina Panthers mull changes to Uptown practice site

CHARLOTTE — The Carolina Panthers are considering changes to their practice home next to Bank of America Stadium, according to a rezoning amendment filed this month.

BofA Stadium and the practice fields occupy 33.7 acres in Uptown Charlotte. The practice fields account for 7 acres of the site.

The rezoning amendment, filed Nov. 2, describes the project this way: “Provide the option for additional outdoor practice fields, relocate parking area from along Cedar Street to a location farther internal to the site, and accessory building(s) along the railroad/southeastern portion of the site.”

The main road bounding the practice site is South Cedar Street; the other end of the property backs up to the stadium.

Read the full story on CBJ’s website here.

A Tepper Sports & Entertainment spokesperson sent a release:

“As we work through the strategic vision for our facilities, this is a step in the process that gives us options for what we may decide to do in the future. We expect more of these administrative processes as part of our due diligence.”

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