CBD dispensary suing after $2M worth of hemp, marijuana seized at Charlotte airport

CHARLOTTE — A CBD dispensary in North Carolina is suing a private charter after 3,200 pounds of its product was seized last year from a jet at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

We CBD and its affiliate, We C Manage, claim that Planet Nine Private Air, LLC did not provide the proper paperwork, which is why the $2 million in pot was confiscated at the airport and later destroyed.

The federal lawsuit indicates hemp is legal and that We CBD wants a trial-by-jury to be awarded damages.

We CBD and We C Manage was flying the hemp from Medford, Oregon to Zurich, Switzerland, according to the lawsuit. The plane stopped at Charlotte Douglas on the afternoon of Nov. 8, 2020 to refuel before leaving for Zurich.


The lawsuit says Planet 9 was supposed to “handle all necessary filings and administrative details related to the cargo and passengers with the United States” but “negligently and recklessly failed to list cargo on the flight’s general declaration that was submitted to the U.S. government.”

Planet 9 also filed a fraudulent general declaration with customs and border protection that did not account for the cargo, even though Planet 9 was fully aware that the aircraft contained the merchandise and the load was approved by the pilot, the lawsuit states.

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Negligence and misconduct by the company led customs and border protection to confiscate and destroy their hemp, according to the lawsuit.

The claims are what led to the request for a jury trial and compensation in damages. The government also said marijuana and hemp were found on board.

The lawsuit from We CBD and We C Manage does not mention marijuana.

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