Channel 9 compares prices for CMS kindergarten supply list items at major retailers

CHARLOTTE — Every dollar helps as you start buying the essentials for back-to-school, so Channel 9 is taking some of the legwork off your plate.

Our Deneige Broom took the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ kindergarten supply list with her to check the prices at a couple of stores and online.

Here’s what she found.


The school supply box was 97 cents, the 12-count pencils were 49 cents. You need two containers of Clorox or Lysol wipes, but it’s actually cheaper for you to go ahead and get three containers -- you’d have an extra container.

Dollar Tree

Everything is $1.25 now at Dollar Tree, so that can count against you. For instance, Broom noticed the dry erase markers, regular markers, colored pencils -- all of those would be better to buy at the Dollar Tree. But your notebooks, your glue, your folders -- you can get all of those cheaper at Walmart.

So whether you save money at Dollar Tree depends on the item you are buying. Shopping expert Trae Bodge also has mixed feelings about the store.

“Be really careful about what you buy at the dollar store. Because it’s not a good deal if it breaks the first time you use it,” she said.


Amazon’s cheapest option couldn’t beat Walmart’s cheapest price per pencil at 4 cents. Walmart’s 49-cent spiral notebooks are still about half the price of Amazon’s, but most brand-name glue sticks are cheaper on Amazon than at Walmart. You can also snag a better deal on Lysol and Clorox wipes if you buy them in bulk on Amazon.


The bottom line is, it seems that for the majority of your supplies, Walmart’s deals will be cheapest. Dollar Tree will be cheaper for a few things and overall, Amazon won’t save you money but it’ll save you time.

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