Channel 9 sits down with Reed Parlier’s family two years after UNCC shooting

CHARLOTTE — Friday will be a difficult and emotional day for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte community.

Two years ago, Reed Parlier and Riley Howell were killed, and four other students were hurt, when a gunman opened fire on campus inside their classroom.

Channel 9′s Allison Latos sat down with Reed’s parents and they told her there’s not a day that goes by that they don’t think about April 30, 2019.

Brian and Julie Parlier said they’re still wrestling with a range of emotions -- from deep sadness to anger.

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“We’re angry and depressed and putting on a good face,” Julie Parlier said.

The shooter, who has been described as isolated and antisocial, researched mass shootings, purchased a gun and loaded it inside a Kennedy Building bathroom before opening fire on Reed’s class.

The Parliers believe warning signs were missed and mental health should be considered before anyone can buy a gun.

“Anyone that had contact with this person within the first 30 seconds had to know there was an issue after what we saw in court, and no one said anything,” Julie Parlier said.

“If you want to stop school shootings, address the mental health issue,” Brian Parlier said. “It doesn’t take much investigating to see the similarities and know that that is a problem.”


The grip of their grief is strong, but so is the love the Parliers feel for their family and for Reed, who will never be forgotten.

The family will be on UNCC’s campus Friday morning for a wreath laying ceremony.

There are two scholarships in Reed’s memory that will help students pursue his dreams of working with computers or gaming.