Charlotte City Council votes not to pursue 4-year terms

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Charlotte City Council will not pursue four-year terms.

In a surprising vote on Monday, council rejected the change by a 7-3 vote.

Several council members said it’s clear the public does not support the issue.

Only council members Larken Egleston, James Mitchell and Braxton Winston voted in favor.

[Poll: Charlotte voters overwhelmingly oppose 4-year terms]

Some of the council members wanted voters to decide on the issue at the ballot box in November instead of the council making the decision.

Other cities in North Carolina have four-year terms, like Asheville and Durham, but there are a lot of strong feelings over whether Charlotte should follow suit.

At Charlotte City Council’s retreat in Raleigh, consultant and former president of International City/County Management Association Bob O’Neill Jr. told the council that four-year staggered terms are the best practice for a city Charlotte’s size.

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