Charlotte couple gets surprise of lifetime on 'Ellen’ show

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte couple got the surprise of a lifetime on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” Thursday.

Roslyn Singleton has brain cancer, and her husband is showing his love by comforting her with singing.

Videos of Ray Singleton singing to Roslyn went viral, capturing the attention of Ellen DeGeneres.

"She said, ‘I’m from “The Ellen Show,’” and my head exploded,” said Ray.

During the talk show, Roslyn described her treatment with brain cancer. The Navy veteran just had her second tumor removed last month.

“You’re not sad, you’re just happy. Tell everyone why you have this attitude,” asked DeGeneres.

"I have this attitude personally because I feel that God gives battles to certain people just to let other people know that it’s going to be OK. I’m not going to lie and say brain cancer is a breeze, but positive prayer, positive people,” Roslyn said while fighting back tears.

Moments later, the couple was shown a video featuring former NBA star Dwayne Wade.

"Keep going, keep fighting the good fight and continue to keep inspiring,” Wade said in a video. “From the Wade family, much love and please, please keep believing.”

The surprises didn’t stop there. DeGeneres offered the couple a Valentine’s Day celebration on her.

“I just want to send you anywhere you want to go on me. Dinner is on me, so find a nice Sizzlers somewhere,” she joked.

Then, the couple was surprised with an even bigger gift.

“Our friends at Honey Nut Cheerio’s believe doing good makes you feel good, so they want to give you flowers and chocolates,” DeGeneres said. “And also, $25,000."

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