Charlotte muralist unveils new work on ‘Good Morning America’

CHARLOTTE — A Charlotte artist is making her mark on the first day of Black History Month.

Georgie Nakima is a muralist and calls her style “Afro-futurist.”

“My work is rooted into Afro-futurism,” she said on ABC News’ “Good Morning America.” “There is Black hope. There’s Black resilience in the future, and it is how we imagine the future that we want to live in.”

You can find Nakima’s work all around Charlotte. On Wednesday morning, her work was in the national spotlight when she revealed a new mural inside the GMA studios. She called it “Cosmic Ocean.”

“And you said that your art is a reflection of you. And how is that?” asked GMA’s Michael Strahan.

“I mean it’s a reflection of you. It’s a reflection of all of us,” Nakima said. “A lot of times people ask who is it? Who are you painting? I’m like, ‘it’s you.’ It’s not meant to be a single person or single anyone. It’s just supposed to create a feeling, something that comes from within.”

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