Charlotte tech company execs face federal charges over $600K in unpaid taxes

CHARLOTTE — Two Charlotte tech company executives are facing federal charges for failing to pay $600,000 in taxes, according to an indictment newly returned by a grand jury.

Richard Brasser and Gregory Gentner ran rFactr, an online company that sold software, as the CEO and COO.

An indictment alleges that the men collected more than $600,000 in social security, Medicare, and other taxes out of employees’ paychecks, but didn’t turn the money over to the IRS.

“In total, Brasser and Gentner allegedly caused rFactr to owe more than $1.1 million in employment taxes,” officials said.

Investigators also said Brasser is accused of lying to avoid paying a penalty, saying he couldn’t afford it. They said he used other bank accounts to pay for personal things -- including country club fees, luxury furniture, and private school tuition -- to avoid paying a fee.

If convicted, Brasser and Gentner could each face a maximum of five years in prison for each of their several counts of failing to account for and pay the taxes, and up to three years in prison for each of their several counts of filing false personal tax returns.

Brasser also faces a maximum of five years in prison for evasion of payment.

The IRS-Criminal Investigation is investigating the case.

Channel 9 is looking for contact information to get the two executives’ sides of the story.

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