Cheslie Kryst’s memoir that explores mental illness to be posthumously released

The memoir of Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst is headed to store shelves. It will be released posthumously after Kryst died by suicide 2 years ago.

Kryst completed her memoir before she died on Jan. 30, 2022.

It was Kryst’s wish that her mom, April Simpkins, publish the book after her death.

Simpkins completed the second half of the book and hopes readers will have a closer understanding of how they can help those struggling with mental health.

“We don’t know what people are going through, but we can extend kindness, a listening ear, and a safe space,” Simpkins told Extra. “I hope people will seek a safe space and that they learn how to really listen.”

In the memoir, Kryst is powerful and vulnerable and reveals her journey to the crown while being challenged with imposter syndrome.


She writes about being lied to, cheated on and gaslit by a man in a relationship, and reeling from loneliness in New York during the pandemic.

“By the Time You Read This: The Space Between Cheslie’s Smile and Mental Illness” will be released on April 23.

It is available for pre-order.

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