City of Charlotte, 704 Shop launch official ‘Crown Store’

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The City of Charlotte is expanding its relationship with the 704 Shop clothing brand to launch the official Crown Store of Charlotte. The store will feature a variety of crown-themed merchandise as well as offer limited-edition designs for hats, hoodies, shirts and more.

The 704 Shop has been the only retailer licensed to sell the city’s iconic, official crown since 2017, selling out designs regularly.

This new venture will increase current crown-themed offerings, giving residents more design options to showcase their pride. It will also feature exclusive designs created in collaboration between the city’s design team and 704 Shop.

“By expanding the already thriving partnership we have with 704 Shop, we are saying thank you for helping us build the culture that makes Charlotte a place people want to visit and live — and showing how much confidence we have in the people who bring this city to life through their work,” Charlotte Communication and Marketing Director Jason Schneider said in a news release. “The Crown is a powerful symbol, and we’re excited to see people proudly represent the City and their community,” he continued.

One of the first custom designs from the city’s in-house design team launched on Aug. 20 and featured the Pride Crown.

“The crown has become increasingly popular in recent years, and we want Charlotteans to be able to show their pride in interesting, unique ways that reflect who they are as an individual,” 704 Shop owner Scott Wooten said. “We are proud and excited to continue our work with the city to give people more of what they want.”

People interested in purchasing crown-themed goods can access the Crown Store through the city’s website or on the 704 Shop website.

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