CMPD investigating death threats against Mayor Lyles and city council members

CHARLOTTE — CMPD is investigating death threats against Mayor Vi Lyles and city council members sent by email early Friday morning.

Charlotte City Council member Larken Egleston told Channel 9 that he, Mayor Lyles, and council members Braxton Winston, Julie Eiselt, Greg Phipps, Dimple Ajmera, and Malcolm Graham received the email around 2:12 a.m. today.

The email from the suspect shared a picture of tactical gear, an AR-15, and a pistol, alleging that the person had killed their mother and was now going to go after council members.

In the email, the suspect called the council members “parasites” and threatened to kill as many of them as possible. They went on to state the addresses of Lyles and the council members.

The suspect said that there was a 93-page manifesto at their house, justifying their actions.

CMPD confirmed that the email is not a credible threat, but earlier this morning it assigned patrol cars in front of the homes of the mayor and some of the council members.

Egleston originally tweeted the email with the man’s name, but removed it after CMPD ruled out the man whose name appeared in the post. CMPD said it was someone else posing as the man, but they do not know who actually sent the email.

According to Egleston, CMPD confirmed that the mother of the man who was named in the email has not been harmed. The man whose identity is being used said he does not know who is posing as him, and he is concerned.

Council members said they do get emails like this from time to time.

Channel 9 did a reverse image search of the picture attached in the email and found it was used on the internet before in 2016.

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