CMPD, neighbors try to knock down crime after recent violence

CHARLOTTE — Channel 9 cameras captured the flashing blue lights after rounds were fired in broad daylight hurting several children this week.

[Trio arrested in connection with shooting that left 7-year-old hospitalized]

WSOC went back to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Freedom Division to see step-by-step how police want to try to prevent the next shooting.

Officers Diedre John and Rafael Garcia are going door-to-door to push for clues to knock down crime, but John said getting that vital information isn’t easy.

“I don’t think it is a CMPD or police trust issue,” she said. “I think it is fear of retaliation.”

In the Freedom Division alone, there have been 14 shootings in the past 60 days.

Police said two shootings this week were connected.

Channel 9 asked if gangs are a problem.


“I don’t know, historically, that we’ve had as much of a problem with gangs in the Freedom Division,” Lt. Jared Saunders said. “I’m not going to completely rule it out.”

Police are adding patrols by car and foot to increase their presence throughout a community that’s frustrated and fearful.

Neighbors are also teaming up online in a Facebook group designed to share alerts and warnings.

[2 juveniles in hospital after drive-by shooting in northwest Charlotte, CMPD says]

“We are rocking. We are sharing tips to let them know something is happening in their neighborhood,” neighbor Susie Taylor said.

Communication and cooperation between citizens and police are a critical part of solving this crime problem.

CMPD announced a new crime gun suppression team that aims to speed up investigations and make arrests faster.

Police said team is very involved in the recent investigations in the Freedom Division.