CMS releases proposed list of schools that could get weapon detectors first this fall

CHARLOTTE — Officials with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools district released detailed information Thursday on why they are installing weapon detectors for K-8 and middle schools this fall.

Officials confiscated a record 31 guns at district schools last year. Four of them were in K-8 and middle schools.

Over the previous five school years, six guns were found in K-8 and middle schools.

CMS Superintendent Hugh Hattabaugh said high schools have experienced fewer weapons with the new detectors. The detectors found two firearms last school year.


Channel 9 has also learned that CMS released a list of which school could get weapon detectors first.

According to the proposed list, detectors will be installed in three phases in K-8 and middle schools. The list also breaks down how many each school will get, along with the high schools that may get additional weapon detectors.

>> For the full proposed list of which schools could get weapon detectors and when, scroll below. The CMS draft planning sheet is from July 18.

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