• CMS middle school principal suspended for ‘indefinite period of time'

    By: Elsa Gillis


    Parents of Crestdale Middle School contacted Channel 9 with concerns after the school's principal was suspended.

    Families received a note from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools East Learning Community superintendent, saying that the principal, Katy Richert, would be "out of the school for an indefinite period of time."

    The letter called it a sensitive matter and said the school is working to secure a retired principal to manage daily operations.

    “I was surprised,” one parent said.

    “Honestly I’m just pretty much shocked that right now we do not have a principal,” another parent said.

    Many parents told Channel 9's Elsa Gillis that they’re shocked that this happened just three weeks into the school year, especially after they just met with Richert.

    "I had met the principal, and was very impressed by her," the mother of a new student told Channel 9.

    We contacted the district for more information.  Officials said Richert was suspended with pay effective Wednesday and that she has been with CMS since July 2014.

    "I would love to know all the information. There's a ton of kids here today and there's basically no one in charge,” said one parent.

    This is the second principal to be suspended within weeks at CMS. The principal of Park Road Montessori was suspended with pay in August before school started for the year.

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