CMS superintendent lays out what families can expect this school year

CMS superintendent lays out what families can expect this school year

CHARLOTTE — Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Earnest Winston told Channel 9 reporter Elsa Gillis that teachers will not be required to be in class during remote learning.

"I do understand that there are some who may not feel comfortable at this particular point returning to their classroom, and that is quite understandable," Winston said.


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Here’s a rundown of what families can expect with remote learning:

  • CMS will be using Canvas for checking assignments, due dates, grades and communication with teachers
  • For parents who need guidance on helping their child with Canvas, there will be support in English and five other languages
  • You can expect a mix of live and recorded instruction
  • Information about how testing will work is still to come
  • This year, grades and attendance will be counted

“I want to be very clear with our students and families that those are clear expectations going into the school year,” Winston said. “That said I know there will be extenuating circumstances with some families.”

Forty minutes of daily remote learning will be explicit social-emotional learning. But support for the mental health and well-being of students studying at home indefinitely will not fall just on teachers and staff.

Winston said CMS is working with community partners to ensure they are checking in on student needs, from food to technology.

CMS adopts plan for in-person classes for first 2 weeks then virtual studies indefinitely

“Being more intentional about that, because we want to set students up for success and it’s difficult for that to happen when they’re not engaged for one reason or another,” he said.

Winston asked for continued patience as officials work to get answers, and he made clear how important communication with families is to him.

“We’ve got to communicate often,” Winston said. “We’ve got to communicate early. We have to communicate with a sense of clarity and purpose.”

Winston said necessary precautions are being taken for the first two weeks of in-person learning.

He ensures the buildings are clean and safe, everyone will have face coverings and social distancing markers are in place.