CMS approves policy changes to align with Parents’ Bill of Rights

CHARLOTTE — The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board approved policy changes Tuesday that align with North Carolina’s new law that some call the “Parents’ Bill of Rights.”

Supporters of the new law say it will give parents the right to know what’s happening in their child’s school and education.

Those against the new law said those rights are already in place.

Under the new law, parents must “opt-in” for their kids to participate in reproductive health and safety education. They will also be able to review library and media center materials.

The district was required to create policies involving parents and their children’s education. It also is implementing a ban on any mention of gender identity, sexual orientation, or sexual activity in the curriculum for students in K-4.

Last week, one board member told Channel 9 that the changes will cost time, money, and resources for something that is already in place.

”It’s just more onerous work on the school district, school principals, and teachers,” said Jennifer De La Jara, a CMS board member.

VIDEO: CMS has little time to implement changes to align with Parent’s Bill of Rights

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